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M’Essentiel Fashion Designer Branding

Planty Plant Based Milk Branding

Planty is a organic plant-based milk producing brand. 
We created a brand identity for Planty inspired from nature. We provided the communication the simple designs that the brand targets.
We preferred pastel tones as a color scale. We wanted to explain the concept of organic and modern design through typography.
Planty is a minimal and contemporary project. We hope that you like it!

Atolye Candle Branding

Atolye which is established in Nisantasi, Istanbul has been making hand made decorative products since 1993. This brand wanted to create a candle collection inspired by nature. We wanted to reflect the brand with the packaging design, so we used the fresh colors and gradient to provide the minimalism. We hope that you like the project.

Büro Branding



Paradiso – Issue No. 06

Paradiso Issue No. 06
The whole world in our hands ...
Issue No. 06 … because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing. Our Paradiso is– pantry discoveries, sustainable architecture, postcard tarot, the rite of spring, poetry weavers. So many muses– Le Fawnhawk, Arcosanti, Digby Moran, Temple of Words, Harry James Angus, Foxy Luu's, Caitlin Reilly and more.
Paradiso is a FREE creative and independently published magazine made bi-monthly, distributed throughout Northern NSW (Australia) and stocked in curated locations by our supporters. Our content is about the exploration and celebration of Byron Bay and beyond. We wonder at the beauty to be found and adventures to be had from forest to ocean to town to farm, near to far; we celebrate people bursting with energy, inspiration and creativity; we pour over all the incredible things made by makers, bakers, foodies, shakers, drinkers, clinkers, growers, baristas; we listen to the wisdom, to the humour and to the passion of our collective consciousness.
Paradiso found.

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